Saga Angwald

Why I started cubing

Saga Angwald (15, Sweden)

Hi, my name is Saga Angwald, I’m from Sweden and I’m 15 years old. I am pretty new to the whole cubing thing but I am totally addicted.

I have never really been that interested in the cube before, I’ve tried it and I’ve failed and I’ve given up thinking it was basically impossible. Then I was visiting my grandma and she had a cube that she wanted to get rid of and she gave it to me.

Thursday the week before last week I was lying bored in bed and the cube was next to me so I decided to try it. I looked up a tutorial, I found ruwix and I started trying, and I failed. The next day I decided to try again and I failed quite a few more times before I finally solved it, and then I mixed it, and I failed. After that I started getting the hang of it though and I was constantly trying to do it faster, I started timing myself that Sunday and by last Friday I could do it in a bit more than two minutes.

I heard about speed cubes pretty soon and I thought that the biggest difference was the corners being rounded. I had two cubes so I decided to take one apart and round out the corners in my garage with a dremel. It was done by last wednesday. It did not work out. So last Friday me and my dad went to the store to buy a real speed cube but they didn’t have any so instead I bought a 4x4x4 (I then realised they were about 5 times cheaper to buy online) and I am now totally in love with it, I have barely let go of it since I got it, I’ve brought it to school, to theatre class, to ballet class, it’s next to me when I sleep, I bring it everywhere.

I have managed to solve it in a bit under seven minutes. Today when I got home from school I had a bunch of homework but somehow I ended up on ruwix reading about how to solve the 3x3x3 blindfolded and I’m really excited to try to learn it! I would really love to try some new challenges and to get a proper speed cube and I can only imagine all the cubes that could be bought with 100$. Hope my story wasn’t all too boring to read:)