Ruwix - Rubik's Cube and twisty puzzle programs

Ruwix started as a small website which helped people solve their Rubik's Cubes with an interactive online application. The user just had to input the colors of the scrambled puzzle and the program showed the rotations needed for the solution. Since the beginning this is still the most visited feature of the site and it's used by 2-3000 people every day all over the World.

Later some other online twisty puzzle programs were launched such as a CubeTimer, a Scrambler and online simulators for every WCA puzzles. Just see the link list on the right for the complete list. In the meantime the Rubik's Cube solver was continuously updated with newer versions which made it more user-friendly.

There are some articles about the Rubik's Cube and other similar twisty puzzles so people can learn about these games and maybe the articles will help them solve their puzzles.

I spent countless hours of my spare time building this website so I hope it will be helpful. :)