About Ruwix - The Rubik's Cube Wiki

Ruwix is one of the most popular Rubik's Cube and other twisty puzzles related websites. With free online tools and tutorials, it will help both beginners and experienced cubers. These days we have approximately 100K daily page views that we're very proud of.

ruwix traffic in 2022
Our traffic follows the Rubik's Cube trend, always peaking around Christmas

Ruwix is an independent website, not related to or sponsored by any cube brand or webshop.
We are not selling cubes, our income is generated by showing ads.

The History of Ruwix

Ruwix.com domain name was registered on 16th February, 2012 and the site was launched later that year in June as a side project of Denes Ferenc. Since then we had many writers and programmers working on the project but Ferenc still remains the main contributor.

ruwix history
Ruwix home page in 2012 after launch with the online cube solver on the top

In the beginning, we didn't have too many visitors, we were happy to see 100 people a day. As we kept adding new online tools, tutorials, and articles to our website Google started to rank Ruwix for some important keywords. We managed to reach a website traffic that would have seemed unreal at the beginning.

ruwix traffic in 2022
Ruwix home page in 2016 before the latest facelift

In 2017 the site received the current Wikipedia-style design and a new logo.

The Rubik's Cube Solver

Online Rubik's Cube Solver Program The main and most unique feature of the site was an online Rubik's Cube solver that could calculate the solution of a scrambled Rubik's Cube using the layer by layer method in approximately 130 steps. The first solver is still available here. In 2017 the online calculator received a major upgrade to reduce the solution steps to 20, using the Kociemba algorithm.

Puzzle Simulators

Our puzzle simulator collection allows you to play online. But even for those who possess a cube, the online simulators offer a completely new experience. Beside the 3x3x3 simulator, we have all kinds of NxNxN puzzles unfolded in 2D, but also in 3D version on Cube-Solver.com.

We have Megaminx, Pyraminx simulators and we have the World's first and only online Square-1 simulator. You'll find more puzzles in the sidebar, opening one of these.

Cube Timer

Once our online Rubik's Cube timer was the most visited page on our website. Used by many speedcubers to track and save their progress. With a built-in scramble generator, various puzzle support and customizability.

Puzzle Tutorials

The most visited page on our website is by far the beginner's tutorial. This method divides the cube into 7 layers and solves each layer one by one, using algorithms in each step that don't mess up the previously fixed pieces. The page contains animated algorithms and a video explanation that also proves to be helpful.

We try to keep up with new puzzles and publish tutorials for all kinds of twisty puzzles and not-twisties.

Articles about the Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube is the best-selling puzzle toy and a well-recognized part of our pop culture. Under the Rubik's Cube page in the navigation, you can find many articles that you will definitely find interesting.

rubiks cube in music videos clips
The Rubiks' Cube in music videos

Blog and Cubing News

World records, new puzzle releases, and other news can be found in our blog.

Partner Sites

To reach a wider audience we have created microsites that focus on one specific aspect of cubing.
We have more than 260 pages in our sitemap and people might get lost on Ruwix so we organized and published some topics on different websites.

Ruwix.es and Ruwix.cn

The Spanish Ruwix and the Chinese microsite contain the most visited pages from the English site. We are planning to translate and launch similar sites to reach other nations. We're currently looking for people willing to help with this.


Many thanks to Sasha for creating the online solvers for NxNxN cubes. This simulator calculates the solution for scrambled big cubes using the layer by layer method but you can also try different patterns and try to solve the cube online with your mouse.


First, we published this microsite on how-to-solve-a-rubix-cube.com web address but this name proved to be too long to remember. Then we relocated the beginner's Rubik's Cube solution to CubeSolve.com in 17 languages with a detailed cheat sheet and video explanation.

rubiks cube in music videos clips
The Rubik's Cube tutorial is available in many languages


The big majority of our audience are children, looking for a quick and easy solution for their scrambled cube they've just received as a gift. Obviously, they're not all English speaking so the online Rubik's Cube solver offers help in 19 languages.


RubiksCu.be is about Play, Solve, Learn, and Time. A one-page site, offering the 4 most common things a cuber might be looking for. You can play with a 3D cube simulator, calculate its solution, learn the beginner's method and measure your solution times.


We organized two competitions to popularize twisty puzzling. In the first round, contestants had to send articles in 5 categories about how they met the cube, why they started cubing, tell a funny story, or describe their favorite puzzle or their favorite cuber.

The second round was the Big Summer Challenge where the contestants had to fill a workbook with all kinds of interesting tasks to keep them busy and entertained during the summer. They had to take pictures, watch movies, solve puzzles, come up with ideas while learning, having lots of fun with their friends and their Rubik’s Cube.

rubiks cube birthday cake
Ruwix turned 10 years old in 2022