More amazing Rubik's Cube facts

21. Who wants to be a millionaire?

A 27 year old student won the great prize of the German “Who wants to be a millionaire” by answering correct to the question: “How many cubies does the Rubik's Cube consist of?”.

millionaire tv show

22. Some cubers can solve it blindfolded

The blindfolded solves of 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 cubes are official competition events. The competitor has to memorize the scramble, then solve the cube blindfolded.
In 2013 Marcin Kowalczyk (Poland) memorised 41 cubes for 30 minutes and then solved them all blindfolded in 22 minutes.

blindfolded solution

23. God's number has been found: 20

Thanks to the Google supercomputers, a team of researchers proved in 2010 that any scramble can be solved in 20 steps or less. Finding this number (nicknamed God's number) has been a huge mathematical mystery for decades.

gods number 20

24. The Rubik's Google Doodle

In 2014 the 40th birthday of the invention was celebrated by Google with a doodle on its home page where people could challenge their skills with an online cube simulator. The cube exploded when the solution was completed.

google doodle cube

25. Rubikubism

Rubikubism pixel art is using only Rubik's Cubes to draw pictures. The biggest mosaic was built by Josh Chalom (USA) and it contains 85.794 puzzles.

rubikubism mosaic

26. Disassembled cube

To take apart the Rubik's Cube rotate one face 45 degrees and pop out an edge. You will see that it has a core mechanism and the center pieces hold the edges and corners together. You will only have a 1/12 chance of your puzzle being solvable after you put the pieces back together randomly and not in the solved state.

disassembled rubiks cube

27. Competitors of the Rubik's brand

Speedcubing requires fast puzzles to reach the best solution times and Rubik's branded products were never known for their superior quality. Rubik's has its own speedcube model, which is still not preferred by professional speedcubers and they rather choose other puzzle brands, like MoYu or DaYan. We have collected and rated the best online stores to buy twisty puzzles.

other puzzle brands moyu dayan stores

28. Cubers won "Romania's Got Talent" in 2015

Speedcubing can make a good show! This has been proven by three speedcubers on the most popular Romanian talent show who impressed the jury and the audience with an amazing show for weeks in a row, eliminating singers, dancers, magicians and other performers.
Read the full story here.

romanias got talent

29. Twisty jigsaw sliding puzzle

This is a twisty puzzle on a jigsaw puzzle on a sliding puzzle.
Try to solve it here or generate a puzzle with your own image!

twisty jigsaw sliding puzzle

30. Chuck Norris can solve the cube just by staring at it

Okay this might not be true but nobody has proven it wrong either. You can find many other cubing jokes and memes here.

chuck norris cube fact



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