More Amazing Rubik's Cube Facts

11. You Can Do the Cube

The You Can Do the Cube solution guide was written in 1981 by 13 year old schoolboy, Patrick Bossert and sold more than 1.5 million copies.

You Can Do the Cube cover

12. Rubik's Cube shaped museum

The hungarian government announced the plans of a Rubik-shaped museum in 2012 but unfortunately the construction hasn't started yet.
In the meantime we can visit the Beyond Rubik's Cube travelling exhibition.

rubiks cube museum exhibition

13. The most expensive cube

Diamond Cutters International crafted the most precious puzzle in 18 carat yellow gold, adding 25 precious stones as "stickers": diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The masterpiece is valued at 2.5 million USD.

expensive gem cube

14. Giant cube

Tony Fisher, british puzzle designer built the World's biggest Rubik's Cube in 2016. The fully functional puzzle is 1.56m wide and weighs 100kgs.

tony fisher giant cube

15. The Pyraminx

However this tetrahedron-shaped, 3-layered twisty puzzle was invented 3 years before the Rubik's Cube, it was only patented later in 1981 when Rubik's became popular. The Pyraminx is known to be the second best selling puzzle toy with more than 100 million pieces sold.

pyraminx puzzle triangle

16. Other famous twisty puzzles

The most popular twisty puzzle models, which are all official WCA competition events are the dodecahedron-shaped Megaminx, the corner-turning Skewb, the shape-shifting Square-1, the 2x2 Pocket Cube, the 4x4 Rubik's Revenge and the 5x5 Professor's Cube.

wca twisty puzzles megaminx skewb square-1

17. 33x33x33 Rubik's Cube

Custom twisty puzzle designers are pushing the limits of big cubes. Currently the largest NxNxN cube is made by Greg's Puzzles and it contains 6153 3D printed parts. Click the image below to learn more about it.

33x33x33 rubiks cube

18. Shape mods

Any other shape can be built on the Rubik's Cube core mechanism, not just a cube. Some brilliant puzzle designers and 3D printing gave birth to countless amazing 3x3 shape mods, such as the Fisher Cube, Mastermorphix, Mirror Cube, Ghost Cube, but there are heart-shaped, or Bart Simpson-shaped puzzles as well.
Puzzle modding is becoming more and more popular.

rubiks cube shape mods

19. Sticker mods

Applying custom stickers on the puzzles can add an extra twist to the game. This way we can add a jigsaw puzzle, a Sudoku or a maze to the Magic Cube. The solution of such a puzzle is more difficult than the classic 6-colored version because it's hard to figure out which piece belongs where and for most picture cubes the orientation of the center pieces count as well.

custom sticker puzzle mods

20. Electronic Cubes

Even a retro game has to keep up with the 21st century. Electronic Rubik's Cubes, such as the Rubik's Touch and the Futuro Cube are new players in the puzzle market. Touchscreens, motion sensors, pre-installed games and mobile connectivity are inevitable these days.

electronic puzzles futuro cube