Anonymous From Canada

How I Met The Cube

One day, I saw my friend toying with a Valk 3. They averaged around 50 secs at that time. I was very curious. They let me try it and I fell in love with the speed. Then came winter break.  The day after Christmas, my family went on a road trip to visit our cousins in Oregon. We stayed in a nice hotel. 

On the last day, we went to the mall to buy last minute items. I had my eyes on a couple things in the toy store. My sister and mother went shopping for clothes, while my father and brother and I wandered. We went to a coffee shop and had some food. When we went to the toy store, I saw it. I immediately when to my father and begged him to buy me the Rubik’s brand. When he said yes, I bursted with joy. He bought it and I opened it up quickly. First turns were amazing. They were nothing compared to the Valk I have now, but it was still fun. I scrambled it and started messing around, even at the restaurant. That night, back at home, I solved one side.  “ Dad! I solved the white side!”. He congratulated me , and then mentioned that it was time for bed. So I put it on the shelf, on its neat little stand, and slept. The following morning, I scrambled out of bed ( pun intended) and scoured the internet for a tutorial on solving it.

 I did it. I had finally solved the impossible cube. “Dad! Mom! Look!”

On the next school field trip, I left it behind. I was very sad that I had lost it. 2 months later, my birthday arrived. My parents got me my first speedcubes. My Moyu magnetic Pyraminx, YJ Gaunsu (which popped the next day) , my MF3S and my MF2S. I quickly learnt F2L and went on to OLL and PLL. Then my Valk arrived, which is my main to this very day.

That is the story of how I met the cube.