Maury Gorospe

My cubing life

Maury Gorospe (13, Canada)

How I met the cube is that my friend has a Rubik’s cube and he was decent at solving it and me a non cuber would always mess it up for him, but he got so annoyed that he kept running away from me so I decided to buy my own cube of course I ordered from amazon because I have no idea about TheCubicle, speedcubeshop, etc. It took forever for my cube to come after 1 month it finally came when i opened it they gave me a fidget cube so I need to return it because all I wanted was a 3×3 so it took another 1 month, then it came when I opened the package I got a stickerless cube and I was like this is nice so I watched every tutorial but there was only one video that made me understand on how to solve the 3×3 when I finally learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube I challenged my friend to have a cube race of course I loss because by that time he wa using CFOP full oll full pll. So I learned how to do Cfop but I only knew full oll and two look pll, I challenged him again but I got lucky and won. So from that day I started taking cubing very seriously.

I started taking cubing seriously because I saw some youtube videos that Feliks Zemdegs solves it in 4.73 seconds and I thought to myself I wanna be like him when I grow up so I immediately AND I STARTED BUYING NEW CBES SO FAR i KONOW HOW TO SOLVE THE 2X2, 3X3, 4X4, skewb, square 1, pyraminx, megaminx and the ghost cube.

After learning how to solve the cube I went to a vacation with my family to Hawaii after 1 week of vacation we went home and I realized that my cube was missing and I started thinking that i forgot my cube in Hawaii so I was worried the whole time after 3 weeks I was at school I was about to take my textbook out of my bag my cube fell out I was so relieved that I didn’t lose it.

My favorite puzzle is the 2×2 because from what I have seen that I have great potential on being one of the fastest 2×2 solvers and I took 2×2 seriously currently I am using the method of LBL and CLL

My favorite cubers are Feliks Zemdegs,Derpy Cuber and Hashtag cuber I like FEliks because he is one of the best cubers in any event. I like derpy cuber because he is good at 2×2 and he uploads great videos in youtube. I like Hashtag Cuber because she uploads great unboxing videos, tips, etc

That’s my cubing life.