The Big Summer Challenge

big summer rubiks cube challenge

The second round of the Ruwix Competition is meant to keep you busy and entertained during the summer. You will have to take pictures, watch movies, solve puzzles, come up with ideas while learning, having lots of fun with your friends and your Rubik’s Cube.

Taking part in this competition is a great extracurricular activity, so let everyone know about it.

Who is allowed to enter the competition?

Everyone is welcome to enter who has a Rubik’s Cube and a camera. There’s no age limit.

Who is going to win?

We are going to pick the best entry based on ingenuity, humour, quality of images and the overall effort that has been put into completing the tasks.

What is the prize?

Just like in the first round, the winner will receive a $100 twisty puzzle bundle of his choice from the puzzle webshop of his choice.

What do you have to do?

You will get a set of tasks that you have to complete filling a blank workbook and taking pictures. Send the images and the filled form to our email address before 23 August 2017.

How to fill the workbook?

First you need to download the workbook here. This is a text file that you have to fill with your answers. Please maintain the plain text format (.txt) and attach it to the email along with the images when you finished all tasks.

What about the images?

You can use any digital camera or your smartphone to take the pictures. The images need to be taken by you, not copied from the Internet!
Please compress the images before submitting them, otherwise the files can’t be published on the web or they might not come through in the email. Please name the files according to the task number to help us identify them (eg. 22.jpg for question 22).
The maximum width and height is 600 pixels, and the maximum file size is 200KB. There are many free programs to resize the images: IrfanView, Paint.Net or use the online editor.
Only minor image adjustments are allowed on the pictures. You can change color tone, crop and resize images but don’t do major modifications that change the essence of a picture.
We can accept .jpg, .png, and .gif formats.

Something is still not clear…

No problem, we’ve put together an example solution which you can use as a guide. Please make sure you don’t copy anything from this sample because we need your own ideas!

How to submit my answers?

When you have filled your workbook and you have collected all images then you’re ready to submit your entry.
Please send everything in one email attaching your filled workbook and your image files. You can ZIP them together into one file.
Email everything attached to [email protected] or send us a download link where we can access your files.
Please double check your submission because we can’t accept ulterior modifications.

The rules are clear, let’s see the tasks!

Please answer the questions below, filling your workbook and taking pictures. The numbers will help you locate the questions in your workbook.

Your Details

1. Name (please enter a nickname if you wish to remain anonymous)

2. Email

3. Age

4. Country

1. Picture Challenge

Take a picture for each title and briefly explain them in the workbook. Use your imagination.

11. The Rubik’s Cube at a tourist attraction.

12. An animal with a Rubik’s Cube.

13. The Rubik’s Cube in an unusual place.

14. An unusual cube.

2. Creative Challenge

In this section we put your creativity to the test. Please fill the workbook with your answers and take pictures if requested.

21. Take the Rubik’s Cube Quiz and add 3 new puzzle-related questions with 4 possible answers, the first one being correct.
Your questions must be different from the existing ones.

22. Design a Rubik’s Cube shaped house and describe it in your workbook. You can draw, build a LEGO or Minecraft house or use any other method to illustrate your idea. Take a picture of your design. There are many Rubik-shaped buildings which you can use as inspiration.

23. Invent a trick / magic trick with the Rubik’s Cube and explain it. If you can’t come up with a Rubik trick you can simply describe an existing magic trick with the cube. Take a picture if that helps you explain your idea.

24. Describe how you would popularize cubing if you would be the advertising executive of Rubik™.

25. Come up with a new puzzle-related task/question for the next round of this competition.

3. Hard-working Challenge

Prove that you’re hard-working by completing the tasks below.

31. Watch any movie featuring the Rubik’s Cube. Spot the scene with the cube and briefly describe what happens in the following scene in the movie. This way you can prove that you’ve found the cube in the film.

32. Create a new Rubik’s Cube pattern. You can combine existing models. Make sure that your invention is not listed already (check the second page of the pattern gallery too). Calculate a short algorithm for your pattern with the solver and note it in your workbook.

33. Use the 15-puzzle maker to create a fun and challenging sliding puzzle with a new image. Add your custom link in the workbook.

34. Add the link of to a website. The link needs to be clickable and accessible without login. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites don’t count because that would be too easy. Try to find a forum, comment section, blog which allows you to add the link.
Note the URL of the page where you added the link so we can check it.

35. Find a solution for the scramble below which is shorter than the scramble (27 moves). You can use the online Rubik’s Cube solver to calculate the solution for this question.
F B2 R’ – D2 B R – U D’ R – L’ D’ F’ – R2 D F2 – B’ U F – B’ L2 U2 – L2 F’ B – U2 L2 U


1. By sending us an email you accept these terms and conditions and you enter the competition.
2. The entries that don’t follow our guidelines can be disqualified.
3. We might slightly change/adjust the rules at any time.
4. We can decide whether an entry is valid or not.
5. If we receive less than 100 entries then we are going to read all of them and pick the best one. If we receive more than 100 applications then it will be impossible to pick the best one. In this case we randomly select one hundred and award the best from that bunch.
6. Use English language.
7. Only one entry is allowed per person.
8. We are going to announce the winner by email and on this website once we have evaluated the submitted works according to these T&Cs.
9. The winner will be contacted and asked to send us his shipping address and a 100$ wish list from a puzzle webshop of his choice:, SpeedCubeShop or Lightake. The 100$ budget needs to cover shipping costs. If we are unable to place the order because the webshop doesn’t ship to the winner’s country or other reasons then the 100$ will be sent to a PayPal account named by the winner which he can spend on puzzles.
10. By entering the competition you agree to send us a picture of you and your new puzzles to be published on the website if you win the prize.
11. We are going to edit and publish some entries on this website.