Twisty Puzzle Patterns

twisty puzzle nxn cube patterns

I have allocated a separate page to list the prettiest Rubik's Cube patterns and their algorithms to help you reproduce them on your own. Going further to other twisty puzzles we can open new dimensions and unleash our imagination even wider. In this gallery I present some ideas on how to create stunning patterns on various shapes of puzzles. In this case I will only give you one or two examples of each cube, letting you figure out the algorithms and come up with even more awesome schemes.

happy birthday puzzle cubes
The proper way of saying Happy Birthday. A cube mosaic built with various NxNxN puzzles.

puzzle gallery
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2x2 cube patterns
Even the 2x2 small brother of the Magic Cube is enough to form a nice pattern. Find the algorithms for these nice motives on the page about the Pocket Cube. ~

4x4 cube
We skipped the Rubik's Cube because we have a separate page for it, and here is a striped Rubik’s Revenge. ~

5x5 professors cube spiral pattern
The Professor’s Cube comes with a nice spiral design. This one looks great on bigger NxNxN puzzles as well. ~

Probably the most popular puzzle patterns are the snakes, where an uninterrupted line runs around the puzzle, making one or more turns on every face. On the right side you can see the "8 Void Cubes". ~

gift wrapped big 7x7x7 cube spiral
A gift wrapped and another spiral on the 7x7x7 big cube. ~

The 7x7 grid is enough for us to draw a Super Mario head. ~

cube in cube checkerboard pattern 9x9x9
The "Checkerboard" and the "Cube in cube" combined on a 9x9 cube. ~

jack lantern 13x13 pattern redkb 13x13 valentines heart pattern redkb
We can make nice Rubik's Cube mosaics on a large 13x13x13 cube. RedKB explains in a YouTube video how to create a mosaic on each face of a big NxNxN cube.

13x13 Rubiks superflip nxnxn
This is how the SuperFlip looks like on a 13x13x13 cube. ~

mirror cube patterns python
The Mirror Cube is a Rubik's Cube shape mod so you can apply any 3x3x3 algorithm to it. This is how the Python pattern looks like. ~

mastermorphix cube patterns
Another popular shape mod is the Mastermorphix where you can invent great sculptures or schemes if you have one with colored stickers. ~

5x5 mastermorphix
Tablecloth pattern on a 5x5x5 Mastermorphix. ~

axis cube gem
Gem pattern on an axis cube, another 3x3 mod. ~

pyraminx design
The flower model looks great on the Pyraminx.
Try the Flipped Edges: F L U' F L U' F L U' and the Checkerboard: F U F L' R U' F L R' ~

square one cross
Plus signs on a Square-1 puzzle. ~

master kilominx
A Master Kilominx with a snake. ~

megaminx snake
The dodecahedron-shaped Rubik's Cube is the Megaminx with a serpent wrapped around it. ~

gigaminx checkerboard
A Gigaminx, wearing a checkerboard. ~

teraminx snake pattern
It takes quite a large snake to cover the Teraminx. ~

petaminx snake pattern
Marteen's is the longest reptile in our list and it's wrapping around a Petaminx. I couldn't find any image with a snake on a Yottaminx but I will be more than happy to publish it if you send me one. ~

petaminx checkerboard
Checkerboard pattern on a 30-color Petaminx. ~

A Crystal Pyraminx puzzle looking fabulous wearing flower patterns. ~

rex cube triangle two eyes rex cube
A "triangle in a triangle" and "two eyes" on a Rex Cube. ~

rings cuboid 5x5x4
5x5x4 Cuboid wearing rings. ~

3x3x4 cuboid cross
Cross on the 3x3x4 Cuboid Puzzle. ~

circle david gear cube
Circles on David's Gear Cube. ~

gear cube chess
Chess board on a Gear Cube. ~

Blocks on a Helicopter Cube. ~

dayan gem colors
A Dayan Gem puzzle. ~

master skewb checkerboard
Checkerboard on the Master Skewb. ~

okamoto lattice cube
Exchanged centres on the Okamoto & Greg Lattice Cube. ~

four points box cube
Four points on the Box Cube. ~

curvy copter skewb
Two examples of the Curvy Copter Skewb. ~

6 dots on a Mosaic Cube. ~

magic octahedron scheme
Magic Octahedron. ~

hexagonal prism pattern
Hexagonal Prism. ~

octahedron 4x4
4x4 Octahedron. ~

chimera 2x2-plus-6x6
Chimera 2x2+6x6 (a bandaged 6x6x6). ~

circles i-Cube 3x3x4 crazy
Circles on the Crazy i-Cube 3x3x4. ~

Crazy 3х3х3 plus cube-Mars 12 flipped-edges
Crazy 3x3x3 Plus schemes. ~

Real Bi-5 puzzle
The Real Bi-5 puzzle bandaged cube. ~

latch cube chess
Latch cube. ~

cross 3х3х3 mixup plus cube
Cross on the 3x3x3 Mixup Plus Cube ~

crazy tetrahedron
A Crazy Tetrahedron. ~

master mixup cube
The Master Mixup cube wrapped with a checked ribbon. ~

For more stunning examples of twisty puzzle patterns join the Puzzle Photography Facebook group, browse the CubePatterns BlogSpot page or look around in the TwistyPuzzles forum in the allocated thread where you can find algorithms for most of the examples.

I love you Rubik's Cube pattern