Aedan Bryant

How I Met the Cube

Aedan Bryant (13, USA)

Riding in the front seat of the car, ready to get home and watch some YouTube, I get interrupted from my train of thought by my Dad exclaiming “hey I have a quick errand I have to run!” I accept and we pull into the parking lot of Toys R Us. Continue reading “Aedan Bryant”

Robert McLane

How I met the cube

Robert McLane (20, USA)

Since my early years of life, I have always been fascinated with problems and how to solve them. Rather it be math homework, or a squeaky door at home, I was always up for a challenge. I lived a relatively simple life; playing video games, doing well in school, and wearing wrist bands as a fashion statement. Continue reading “Robert McLane”

Drew Ford

Rubik’s Cube Beginnings

Drew Ford (13, USA)

I first began trying to solve Rubik’s Cubes when I was eight years of age. I got a Mona Lisa sticker mod cube as a present on my birthday and was so excited. It even came with a plastic case to show it off. Continue reading “Drew Ford”

Jackson Breit

How I Met the Cube

Jackson Breit (14, USA)

Our family chiropractor was very friendly toward children. Smack-dab in the middle of the office toy bin there was an oddly oriented Skewb. My dad called it a Rubik’s Cube wannabe. Of course, being five, I had no idea what that was supposed to mean. At first I thought its sole function was to shift around like a purposeless Transformer. Naturally, my ADD brain was fascinated by this toy and I fiddled with it up until the time we left. From then on I was bent on twisting this thing until the sides fell off. I had no idea that it was meant to be SOLVED; such a notion that this strange colored shape was a puzzle was beyond me.
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How I met the Cube

The first time I ever saw a rubik’s cube is when I was in first grade. My parents had gotten me a pretty good speed cube, and for me it was my favorite passtime. I would spend hours trying to solve the cube. My first real try at solving the cube was when I thought that if I put all of the pieces of one face in the right spot, I would solve the cube. I was quickly disappointed.

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Ethan Shaw

How I met the Cube

Ethan Shaw (16, USA)

I have vague memories of a Rubik’s cube floating around the house as a child; I never learned to solve it, and over time it was forgotten. The first time I encountered cubing in the sense I know it today was at a robotics competition– my cousin’s team was doing well that season, and my grandfather brought me along as a moral support. Continue reading “Ethan Shaw”

Lance Ventula

All in one

I met the Rubik’s Cube by seeing my friends and my cousin solve it fast. I saw a lot of people solving it fast especially the one who won the world record so I tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube using algorithms. So my mother bought me a Rubik’s Cube and all I needed to do is learn the steps & the moves. I started cubing also because of my friends and to try beat their personal best. I started cubing so I can a lot of kinds of Rubik’s Cubes. Continue reading “Lance Ventula”

Anonymous from USA

How I Met The Cube

(21, USA)

I originally met the Rubik’s Cube when I was in elementary school. My friend’s older brother Mitchell had a 3×3 and it amazed me how he could solve the cube, no matter how scrambled it was. As I learned from him he taught me the logarithms to solve the puzzle and at the time, I didn’t even know what a logarithm was.
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Sammy Worlda

How I Met The Cube

The first time I saw the Rubik’s cube was a very long time ago, when my grandma gave me one from the 80s. I thought it was weird and confusing, so I chucked into my closet. A few years later, I was looking on Amazon, and I saw some weird-looking Rubik’s cubes. They looked cool, so I put them on my wishlist.
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How I met the cube

Ishaan Preet Singh Ahluwalia (India)

Well I was probably 8 or 9 when one day my cousin arrived at our house. With him he bought a Rubick’s cube with him. Neither of us knew how to solve it so it was just two boys throwing the cube around the house. Continue reading “Ishaan”

JP Fortaleza

How I Came Across Cubing

JP Fortaleza (15, USA)

My name is JP Fortaleza and I have been cubing for about one year now. The first time I first encountered the Rubik’s cube was when I was seven years old. My grandma was playing with one and she had solved one side. Continue reading “JP Fortaleza”

Shashank Naik

How I met the cube

Shashank Naik (12, India)

I had never heard of the word Rubik’s cube until I saw one in a toy store. I found the cube to be interesting and funny looking because of the various colours it had. But I was scared because I did not know what it actually was. I thought that it was bewitched. After a few days a friend of mine was playing with it. I feared to even go near it.
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Maury Gorospe

My cubing life

Maury Gorospe (13, Canada)

How I met the cube is that my friend has a Rubik’s cube and he was decent at solving it and me a non cuber would always mess it up for him, but he got so annoyed that he kept running away from me so I decided to buy my own cube of course I ordered from amazon because I have no idea about TheCubicle, speedcubeshop, etc. Continue reading “Maury Gorospe”

John Evans

How I Met the Rubik’s Cube

John Evans (11, USA)

The story of how I discovered the Rubik’s cube is very interesting. When I was three or four years old, I would play with my dad’s old cube. Back then I didn’t really understand the functions and how the cube worked. To be honest, I don’t even know why I would play with it. I may have even “accidently” tried moving the stickers to solve it once or twice. This was probably the first step I took towards becoming the cuber I am today. Though I was never able to solve it, it was a lot of fun and kept me busy.

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How I met the cube

Sam (20, UK)

My earliest memory of the Rubik’s Cube was back when I was 9-11 years old, so 2006-2009. I was given some money to buy toys with, and there was this cube thing, with different colours on each side. I thought it looked cool so I told my mum “I want that”. I remember vividly, her giggle saying, “you’ll never solve that”. But I was so adamant that I wanted it, she bought me it.

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Daniel Evans

How I met the cube

Daniel Evans (UK)

A long, long time ago sitting in the cupboard was a Rubik’s cube, and one day I was just about tall enough to reach it so I got it down and scrambled it. I could not solve it so I gave it to my mum and after about 2 minutes it was solved. Over the next few weeks I kept scrambling it and making my mum solve it until one day, in despair, she got me to learn how to solve it. It took a while as she got me to understand each stage first so once I had finished I would not have to look back at it; I would know how to do it.

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Karen Lee

How I met the cube

Karen Lee (14, Hong Kong)

When I first picked up a Rubik’s cube I was about 2 or 3 years old. The first one I ever owned was probably a Rubik’s keychain cube, and since I didn’t know how to solve it, all I could do with it was arrange its layers into funny shapes. Of course, this was limited, and sooner or later, I’d get bored and dump it to the back of my cupboard. Solving the cube was, to me, an impossible feat, only accomplishable by rumored geniuses. Slowly, years passed, and some way or another, the cube disappeared, both physically (I lost it) and mentally (I never thought of it again). This was until one day, when I was about 11, and I saw a video of the history of 3×3 world records appear in my YouTube suggestions bar.

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Devin Callahan

How I Met The Cube

Devin Callahan (13, USA)

I met the Rubik’s Cube about 6 or 7 years ago. I had gotten one from my mom on Christmas morning and another from my grandma on my birthday. I didn’t learn to solve it until the beginning of 2017. I don’t remember much of me meeting the cube so i’ll talk about how I solved it and became a cuber.

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Igor Krainović

How I Met The Cube

Igor Krainović (29, Croatia)

I’ve met the cube way back in high school, it was one of those mesmerizing, character defining events. I remember it was the end of school year, me and my friends were going to P.E. class, and one of them pulled the cube out of the backpack. We all tried it a bit, managed to make one side right and generally thought it was easy – repeat the process five more times and that’s it! Right? Were we wrong.

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Jai O’Connor

How I Met The Cube

Jai O’Connor (13, 02OCON2017, YouTube)

One day, I was watching TV. I was flickering through the channels and found a Rubik’s Cube advertisement. I stopped flickering to watch it. After I watched it, I was inspired. I wanted to get one. But I didn’t know speed-cubing so I was basically a non-cuber.

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Devin Callahan

How I Met The Cube

Devin Callahan (13, USA)

I met the Rubik’s Cube about 6 or 7 years ago. I had gotten one from my mom on Christmas morning and another from my grandma on my birthday. I didn’t learn to solve it until the beginning of 2017. I don’t remember much of me meeting the cube so i’ll talk about how I solved it and became a cuber.

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Joshua Í Brekkunum

How I met the cube

Joshua Í Brekkunum (14, The Faroe Islands)

The first time I actually saw a Rubik’s cube was when I was about five years old when a friend of my mother’s was solving it and I thought to myself I will never solve that.

I started to solve a Rubik’s cube was when I was eight years old, but then I only had a cheat sheet I did not know how to memorize algorithms I did that for like a week and then I forgot about it.

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